November 19, 2011: Beth Wood

Beth Wood at Nov. 19 House Concert
Photo: Angela Potter
For our second concert, George & Rachel hosted the magnificent Beth Wood at their home in Takoma Park.

I first happened upon Beth many years ago at a small bar called McHenry's, housed over a seedy motel on the west side of Fort Worth, and immediately bought some of her albums and signed up for her mailing list.  After returning to DC in 2007, I noticed in one of her newsletters that she was playing a "house concert" in Silver Spring -- and thus I attended my first ever such event. 

Quite simply, Beth Wood is one of the reasons I started organizing house concerts in the first place; so she's the official "godmother" of our house concert series.   Beth delivers a soulful, joy-filled performance that quickly wins over everyone in the room. From her a cappella "mission statement" to her haunting rendition of "At Last," it was such a supreme pleasure to get to know this wonderful person and consummate artist - and, what a voice!

Beth has developed a large following, and it's easy to see why. We can't wait to have her back.

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  1. This was my fiancee's and my first house concert and it will be hard to top! Beth has an exceptional talent and besides being a gifted singer, songwriter and guitarist she's a great entertainer and just plain fun to be with! Thanks to David for pulling this together!