October 21, 2011: David Berkeley

Our first house concert was with David Berkeley, and hosted by our friend Geri Critchley in Northwest DC.  Most of those in attendance had never been to a house concert, but were intrigued by the idea. No one left disappointed.

I first heard David by chance, as for some time I'd had on my radar  the Blue Rock Studio, located just outside of Austin in Wimberley, Texas.  When work took me to Austin in early September, I noticed David was appearing at the Blue Rock, so I roped my friend Kelly into driving us there.  Blue Rock is a dream setting for any artist seeking peace and quiet for their recording, and Dodee and Billy Crockett have complemented their work by hosting a number of artists for in-house concerts (seating about 100 people).  David's performance was great, and a huge discovery for me; so when I learned that he had an opening on his East Coast tour in October, I quickly found a venue to host him.

David really delivered.  Almost no one in attendance was familiar with his music, but all were delighted with the experience -- his humor, his musicality, and the poetry of his lyrics.  David set a very high bar for future concerts, and his reading of the "gas tank denial" chapter from his book, 140 Goats and A Guitar - The Story Behind Some Kind of Cure, was a gas.  His mellifluous voice -- I've always wanted to use that word -- and songs stayed with me for days, as I kept wanting to listen to his songs over and over again.  On this occasion, he was accompanied by an excellent sideman, guitarist Bill Titus, and David rightfully referred to his graceful accompaniment as "wizardry".  We look forward to having David back again soon, to be able share his music with others.

Below is a video of one of two covers he performed that night, "Shenandoah," which includes some sing-along from the audience.

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  1. David was a revelation. I have been to house concerts in the past, but the talent quality was much lower. David is a vastly talented poet and song writer, singer and performer. He could do equally well on a performing circuit as a stand-up comedian, though I imagine he wouldn't want to do that. The lyrics of his songs are very evocative; his musical style is a bit quirky, while also engaging and deeply musical; the background descriptions are a lot of fun. I've listened to his CD, which I bought at the concert, multiple times since.
    I'm certainly looking forward to the next concert.
    Christine P.