Jan. 7, 2012: Barnaby Bright

Photo courtesy of Satchit Haridas
What a wonderful, wonderful way to inaugurate The Stone Room!

Barnaby Bright (Becky & Nathan Bliss) played to a packed house -- most coming from our immediate neighborhood, but others who drove in from Columbia, Fredericksburg and Baltimore, MD, and even as far away as Philadelphia.  Such is the loyalty and attraction of this incredible duo. Also of note was an impressive young neighbor (seven-years-old and budding violinist herself) who stayed captivated through both sets.
Photo courtesy of Satchit Haridas

Becky and Nathan are truly delightful people and wonderful musicians, and everyone seemed grateful to get to know them and their music.  As was the case with the two previous events, most in attendance had never before attended a house concert and I think we have quite a few converts to the cause of live music in intimate settings.

We're going to be on the look out for Barnaby Bright at future gigs in the area, including a January 26th appearance at Ebenezer's Coffee House on Capitol Hill (with John Schmitt and The Sea, The Sea), and later this year on June 23 at the Historic Cooper's House in Columbia, MD (co-billed with Connor Garvey).

We had talent in the audience as well, as Nathan and Becky invited a great local musician who happened to be in attendance, Brian Gundersdorf, to play a new song while Nathan changed a broken string on his guitar.  Brian normally plays as a part of a duo or trio with We're About 9, a highly acclaimed group known for its complex vocal harmonies and poignant songwriting.  This picture of Brian gives a good back-of-the-room view of The Stone Room space.
Photo courtesy of Satchit Haridas
UPDATE:  Since there were so many people on our list who were not at this concert, we decided to rebook Barnaby Bright for a Sunday, June 24th concert as well.  They will be appearing with Connor Garvey, a great young singer/songwriter from Maine.

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  1. Thank you for introducing us to a new experience. The music was great! We look forward to meeting more wonderful musicians.