Feb. 19, 2012: The Sweetness

Last night the four beautiful young musicians who make up The Sweetness -- Aly TadrosChloe CharlesDouglas Jay Boyd, and Sam McLellan -- brought exquisite harmonies, playful humor and all-around good vibes to yet another full house at The Stone Room. This was the first unplugged performance in this space, and having angelic, four-part harmonies from this group could not have been a better way to showcase the acoustic space. 

Once again we had lots of folks that were new, both to house concerts in general, and to The Stone Room in particular.  And once again, none were disappointed.  Like many up-and-coming musicians these days, each of the four are involved in multiple musical projects, including their own solo ventures.  Douglas and Sam, for example, have a new project called Stone by Stone, with an album due out later this year, and Aly and Chloe also have new albums coming out this year.  It's worth listening to each of these individual's work, but I felt especially privileged to have them all together in this particular musical incarnation, with layer upon layer of voices, instruments and percussion added to their individually-authored songs.  

Somehow, the combination of music rooted in Texas and Canada works.  But, alas, the Austin-Toronto label will shortly no longer apply to The Sweetness -- Douglas is moving to Toronto later this year, and Aly's just now settling into Brooklyn. (Chloe and Sam are already based in Toronto.) It will be good to have these folks in the Northeast, as I'm sure they'll find many new fans, and we'll be able to track their area performances more closely.. From Facebook, I can already see a few of last night's attendees are today listening to their music on Spotify; indeed, I think I woke up this morning with their sweet harmonies in my head, and will carry them with me into the days ahead. 

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  1. Thank you so much for having us - what a fantastic night! I can confidently say on behalf of each of us that we're looking forward to coming back and were very happy to share such a special evening with such wonderful people! Thanks again!