March 3: Rebecca Loebe

Photo courtesy of Satchit
Rebecca Loebe delivered another wonderful performance at The Stone Room.  Becca's a gifted songwriter, but also a talented and amazingly humorous storyteller. I'd heard much of her music before, but listening to her commentary really gave life to the songs -- which she delivered masterfully.  Not only does she have a great voice, but her accompanying guitar work was just right for each song.  For some reason, it's the "Bees and Zombies" song that continues to whirl around in my head, perhaps a sign that I should, indeed, develop a Zombie Preparedness Plan.

This show -- our fourth this year -- was another full house, with many of the attendees coming from Rebecca's own email list, perhaps due to pent up demand from her not performing much in the area in the past year or more.  Rebecca seemed to feed off yet another great audience, and she later commented that this was on the best house concerts she'd ever played.  True or not, she's certainly one of the best performers a house concert presenter could ever hope for, and we'll be delighted to see her return.

Here's the video she mentioned is up for an award in Georgia.  Watch it at your own peril!

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