July 29, 2012: Megan Slankard / Jeff Campbell

For this concert, we're pleased to welcome two excellent performers from the Bay Area.  I first heard these two perform at SXSW this year, and I was happy to book them for a mid-summer gig.  Although Megan and Jeff know how to rock out, they'll be showcasing their music in an acoustic setting -- which is how I first heard them.  They each have their own bands, but frequently tour together, supporting each other on their respective songs. Further down, you can listen to Jeff's songs, or to get a taste of Megan's music, be sure to click on this video from her latest album. 

Megan Slankard

Though only in her 20's, singer-songwriter San Francisco-based Megan Slankard has independently sold nearly 30,000 copies of four independently released CDs. Megan’s newest release, A Token Of The Wreckage (Spring 2011), is "an edgy alt-rock release that is a breath of fresh air" (Maverick Magazine), “gleaming, grooving, and gritty” (Minor 7th), with "thoughtful construction and clever wordplay" (Performer Magazine). The CD, which was recorded with help from David Bryson (Counting Crows) and Jerry Becker (Train), held a spot in the 10-best selling albums on CD Baby for weeks. In addition to 12 new songs, the CD also includes Megan’s first official music video, written and directed by Matthew Ward. The video has earned 18,000 plays on Vimeo and You Tube combined.

“ …every track on Wreckage is a work of art: strong melodies, literate lyrics, engaging vocal harmonies, dazzling accompaniment, and a killer rhythm section.” (Minor 7th)

Megan’s recordings have been gaining substantial industry attention: she won the 2011 IMA Vox Populi for “The Happy Birthday” a song from her newest CD, as well as the 2009 IMA Vox Populi for her cover of Paul Simon’s song “America”. Megan earned the January 2009 Top 5 artist in the Famecast.com Competition and was selected as a finalist in the 2009 and 2008 Musician’s Atlas/Borders Books Independent Music Awards. Additionally, she was selected as a semi-finalist in Discmaker’s 2007 Independent Music World Series and the 2007 International Songwriting Competition.

“Slankard’s vocal style is so distinctive that simply naming influences (Ani DiFranco, Alanis Morissette) doesn’t do it justice. Her vocal melodies are immediately arresting, she uses hip-hop phrasing and whisper-to-roar dynamics like a pro, and she never lets her impeccable technique eclipse the emotion she pours into her performances.”

"Nearly everyone who encounters this attractive and sophisticated singer-songwriter agrees that she has 'star' written all over her"

"She forges a distinctive sound with her smooth and courageous vocal dynamics, intelligent and diverse song styles, and sheer infectious enthusiasm."
Acoustic Guitar Magazine 

Jeff Campbell

Judging by the sound of his latest, you’d never guess that "Stop and Go" is his first attempt at an acoustic album. Campbell is a singer/songwriter who has hit his stride. - Performer Magazine

With his acoustic pearl ‘Stop And Go’, Jeff convince(s) me of his ability (as) a great singer and songwriter. Two guitars, two voices… and after a first listening you’ll probably say … “Oh My God, what kind of magic did I undergo here.” - Key and Chords

Jeff Campbell is a natural. Any lover of music can see that when he's performing, it is what he was born to do. This young singer-songwriter was brought up in a musical family with constant exposure to artists and performers from the last six decades. These artists have influenced a songwriting style, a mix of raw rock and winding lyrical melodies, which continues to evolve within him through the years.

Touring and performing through countless venues on the East Coast, Campbell put his nose to the grindstone and built a fast and steady reputation and faithful following, selling out venues in New York and Pennsylvania on a regular basis. A Philadelphia native, Campbell moved to San Francisco in 2004 specifically for the Rock scene he had heard was developing.

It was here that, in addition to his solo efforts, Campbell started writing, recording and performing as front man for the San Francisco-based rock band Pine and Battery (www.pineandbattery.com), which garners the newest editions to his catalogue of original hard-rock music. Pine and Battery’s 2006 self-titled release, and single ''Southern", can be heard in regular rotation on both AAA’s KFOG and KQED radio in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pine and Battery is currently a featured local artist on KFOG and has been for over 3 years. P&B’s second release and the tour to support it came in 2009 and early 2010 to rave reviews in the Bay Area and up and down the West Coast.

Jeff’s onstage experiences have found him sharing the stage with members of Counting Crows, Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead and opening for Grammy-winning band Train.

Early 2012 saw the release of Campbell’s first-ever acoustic album, "Stop and Go". With this album, Jeff fulfilled his promise to stay true to the songwriting style that P&B fans have come to know but also to test some boundaries with production, approach and style. "Stop and Go" also boasts guest performances from several of the Bay area's finest musicians, including Megan Slankard, Brad Brooks, Austin Wilacy and James Deprato, who not only offered their performance talents, but also lent their hands with songwriting, arrangements and production.

Jeff has been touring the US to support this new release since the fall of 2011 and will continue to do so throughout 2012 and beyond and will not stop until his piece of history is defined.



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