Jan. 26: Beth Wood w/ Allie Farris

"Talk to Me" by Allie Farris from Stone Room Concerts on Vimeo.

Performed at a house concert in the Stone Room in Falls Church, VA, on January 26, 2013

"Church of Melody" by Beth Wood from Stone Room Concerts on Vimeo.

Performed on January 26, 2013, for the Stone Room Concerts, in Falls Church, VA.

Jan. 26:  Beth Wood w/Allie Farris

Beth Wood began her musical journey in Lubbock, a high plains Texas town with a uniquely rich musical heritage that includes Buddy Holly, Natalie and Lloyd Maines, Mac Davis, and Joe Ely to name a few.  When she wasn’t dodging tornados and dust storms, Beth was studying classical piano, violin, harp, and voice and contemplating the greatness of her Dad’s Willie Nelson records. 

With grandiose dreams of becoming a musician, a baker, or a cowgirl, Beth left west Texas to study voice and piano at Brevard College in North Carolina.  A detour from her classical studies led her to Austin, where she picked up a degree in literature and a guitar.  Beth began writing her own songs and quickly discovered a feeling of musical freedom that she has been hooked on ever since.  Fifteen years, thousands of shows, nine albums, three cars, and numerous awards later, Beth has never looked back.  Beth’s exceptional musicianship, crafty songwriting, and engaging, energetic stage presence have been winning over audiences from coast to coast.

“The Weather Inside,” Beth’s eighth studio release, is a case study in contrast.  A coming-of-age statement record from a veteran artist, Beth’s latest work embraces strength and tenderness, the polished and the well-worn, the broken and the hopeful heart.   Produced by Billy Crockett at Blue Rock Studio in Wimberley, TX, “The Weather Inside” delves deep into Beth’s creative reserves and delivers a strong collection of songs and performances to remember.

“Beth Wood is a musical triple-threat — a thoughtful songwriter and talented multi-instrumentalist with a supple, soulful voice.” — Washington Post

“…when you come across a recording like Beth Wood’s “The Weather Inside” you take note and recognize that this is the work of a genuine artist with a remarkable voice determined to make meaningful and lasting art.” –Lone Star Music Magazine

At the age of 15, while still in high school, Allie Farris formed her first band and begun playing small coffee shops and venues around her hometown of Flower Mound, Texas. In the fall of 2007, Allie made her first live studio recording at the Dallas Sound Lab, which was released the following May (“Songs Written Upside Down“). In 2008 through early 2009, Allie performed at well-known Dallas venues like Six Flags Over Texas, the Brooklyn Jazz Cafe, Dunn Bros. Coffee, and the Maximedia Studios Live Soundstage. She also won first prize in the Gorilla Productions Battle of the Bands, earning the opportunity to record a full album at the prestigious Maximedia Studios of Dallas. The Album, All You Can Eat, was released in June of 2009.

After four years of vocal lessons from renowned coach Tom McKinney and three years of jazz piano/performance from virtuoso Julie Bonk, Allie left her hometown for the University of North Texas, where she studied jazz vocal performance for one year. During this year (2009-2010), Allie competed in the UNT Songwriting Contest, placing first; and the Wildflower! Songwriting Contest, in which she was one of the four top winners. Allie then went on to perform at distinguished venues like Uncle Calvin’s Coffeehouse, Grapevine Palace Theatre, Poor David’s Pub, Opening Bell Coffee, and Kerrville Folk Festival. In early fall of 2010, Allie left her home in Texas to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts as a songwriting student. After only a semester attending the school, she was elected by Berklee professors to perform alongside two other students in Berklee’s Songwriting Master Class.

Allie Farris moved to Nashville, Tennessee in January 2011 to begin her life as a full-time singer/songwriter. She has already had the opportunity to perform in Nashville venues like Hotel Indigo, Pick’s in Nashville, and the Vanderbilt Hotel.