Connor Garvey's songs are like placing folk-funk guitar & ukulele, soulful vocals, and paradoxical metaphors in an electric juicer- you've never tasted it before, but its intriguing and delectable so you have to keep drinking. His clever, rhythmic string foundations provide a background for his most prominent instrument, his voice. His songs draw the attention of the entire room with humor, daring honesty, and grace through "a universal message that people can grab hold to just the kind of thing I needed." (Dennis Bigelow-Music Director of KRFC-FM) It is this conection with his audience that makes Garvey wonderfully successful in his live performances where he invites the them to share in the beauty of the moment- the shared night of music.

"Garvey's sandy tenor, attention to rhythmic detail and winsome way with a melody bring to mind the music of Paul Simon in his Rhymin Simon days as well as contemporaries Josh Ritter and Jason Mraz" writes music blog Direct Current. The entertainment publication The Portland Phoenix describes Garvey's style as "Martin Sexton-ish jangle-funk, Mraz-y confessionals, and a very clear voice." Time and again he is heralded for his unique voice, approach, and ability to connect with the listener- qualities that are necessary for a long career.

Connor comes to music to write songs. The symbiosis of person and craft leaves Garvey continuing to grow as a musician and as a positive soul. His music never strays far from intimacy, where he personalizes life's challenges and themes. Garvey tends toward optimistic and humorous portrayal that sparks deeper reflection. In Where Ocean Meets Land (2011), Garvey immediately has listeners involved. The use of memorable melodies throughout the album makes you want to sing along while the messages within the lyrics satisfy a deeper yearning for inspiration.

As Connor's musical career gains momentum he is bringing with him messages of hope, growth, and love in songs that silence rooms, brighten smiles, and inspire others to sing out.


Song poet Laura Baron is known for her powerful vocals and passionate delivery. She fills the venue with the emotion of her lyrics and the beauty of her voice. People find inspiration and a lightness of spirit in her songs of renewal, second chances and hope. Laura performs and composes contemporary folk, blues and jazz. She often collaborates with other musicians on stage including co-writer and DC bassist Pat Quinn.

Laura is a multi-award winning singer songwriter. She is the recipient of three Gold Awards from the Mid-Atlantic Song Contest. Her most recent CD, Scenes From The Avenue features many of her award winning songs. In 2008 she won Gold in the Jazz/Blues category for her song, Kindness Don't Rest Easy, which she performed at the Smithsonian Baird Auditorium as a part of the SAW/BWI songwriters showcase.

This earthy, bluesy song celebrates every day acts of kindness that make a difference in our world. In 2007 "Winter Don't Own Me" won a Gold Award in the Jazz/Blues Category. Her first CD, Stay With Me contains the song "Peace Someday, a song about the Iraq War won Gold in Mid-Atlantic Song Contest in 2004.

Laura has recorded two CD's for adults (and 5 for children with Patti Dallas). Her adult recordings are Stay With Me -released with DC record label Azalea City Recording and Scenes From The Avenue a self release in 2008.