June 23: VANDAVEER w/ Nicolette Good

VANDAVEER is the song-singing, record-making, globetrotting project penned and put forth by folk-pop tunesmith Mark Charles Heidinger. Born in cloudy Ohio, raised in Kentucky, and currently camped out in the nation's capital, Vandaveer offers up melodic Americana that is both haunting and easy, forlorn and welcoming, with stories as universal as the songs they inhabit. Vandaveer shapeshifts from stage to studio and back with a host of revolving characters, most prominent among them Rose Guerin, offering up the loveliest harmonies heard this side of Eden.

Here is an acoustic rendition of the title track of their penultimate album, Dig Down Deep:

Death, murder and ghosts have long been underlying threads coursing through Vandaveer's original music, but instead of weaving their own shadowy tales into their latest studio effort, Oh, Willie, Please..., the DC-by-way-of-Kentucky alt-folk collective have tapped into the wellspring of traditional folk's darker side.

Oh, Willie, Please... finds the group operating in a more collaborative spirit. In addition to the core duo of Mark Charles Heidinger and Rose Guerin, the talents of J. Tom Hnatow (These United States, The Mynabirds) and Phillips Saylor (Stripmall Ballads, The Shiftless Rounders) helped expand the project into a formidable ensemble, armed with steel string, resonator and pedal steel guitars, banjos and pianos, voices galore, and a common belief in the quality and relevance of the word 'folk.'

Inspired by their recent participation in The 78 Project, the group gathered in a majestic old home on a picturesque horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky in the spring of 2012 and set to work re-imagining a collection of age-old murder ballads and songs of self ruin plucked almost entirely from the public domain. With longtime producer Duane Lundy once again at the helm, Vandaveer moved swiftly through the selected catalog, recording most of the tracks live in the manor's great room. The result is a spacious, honest album that balances reverence and respect for the source material with a healthy coat of contemporary color.

Opening will be Nicolette Good, a San Antonio-based singer/songwriter and a winner of the 2012 Grassy Hill Kerrville New Folk competition, making her mid-Atlantic area debut with this show. Her first full-length album, Monarch (2012), includes tracks like “Marathon” that earned her a spot on the docu-reality TV show, Troubadour, TX in 2011. Here are some of the accolades her first album has received:

“Monarch is, quite simply, a cornucopia of musical delights — taste and see.” - Arthur Wood, Maverick Magazine

“This is a fabulous album and a keeper at that.” - Americana-UK

“Her voice will leave you in a crumbling heap if you listen to her on your own.” - Alan Harrison, NoDepression


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