August 30: PEAR w/ Dietrich Gosser

In 1997, Lynae and Denis Dufresne began their professional touring career as members in the cast of the most successful fiddle show in the world, Barrage. Although based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada they called a tour bus "home" for the better part of 5 years. Their production of 'Barrage: The World on Stage' was aired by every PBS station in the United States and the CD by the same title rose to the Top 5 on Billboard World Music chart. They helped build the show that the Disney Corporation dubbed "the hottest fiddle show in the world", performing shows in Canada, USA, Scandinavia, England, Scotland and China and giving command performances for his Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, the Saudi Royal Family and the Prime Minister of Canada.

After finishing with Barrage in 2003, they began lending their fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and vocal abilities to a host of top country, folk, and rock music acts, quickly becoming two of the most sought after live and session players in Canada. Denis has received multiple nominations and 2 wins from the Canadian Country Music Association in the category of Fiddle Player of the Year and Mandolin Player of the Year, while both Denis and Lynae have been nominated twice for a Canadian Gemini Award.

Then in 2006, after being apart and playing with virtually every major act in Canada, Lynae and Denis once again joined forces to form PEAR.

In 2006, PEAR was awarded a New Artist Showcase at the Canadian Country Music Awards. The duo’s performance so impressed CMT Canada that they asked PEAR to be a part of ‘Plucked’, a documentary style television show that aired on the network. In 2009, PEAR saw their debut album beginning to take shape on Nashville's famed Music Row.

Denis Dufresne won the 2012 CCMA Award for Fiddle Player of the Year, and the 2011 Awards for Fiddle and Special Instrument (mandolin) Player of the Year. 2012 marked a historical year, with both Denis and Lynae nominated for Fiddle Player -- the first time husband and wife were nominated against each other! The band's third single, This Ain't a Love Song, won the 2012 International Songwriting Competition for the country genre.  PEAR was named the 2013 Group of the Year by the Association of Country Music in Alberta.

Opening for PEAR will be Madison, WI - based Dietrich Gosser.  Originally from Chicago, Gosser has been quietly amassing a Midwest underground following with his lush - sometimes haunting - compositions. He plays and records with percussionist Dan Kuemmel who also accompanied him for this performance. The Onion AV Club describes Gosser: as "folk-y bedroom pop that sounds big and inviting, often with the help of drummer and avant-percussionist Dan Kuemmel."