2013: The Stone Room Year in Review

“Singing is like prayer… and also is an incredible connective tissue between human beings. I think if we all got together and sung together, we might treat each other with more kindness because we would feel the humanity in every person.”Raina Rose

  • Hosted 16 concerts at our house -- including our first ever classical concert
  • Selected as a "2013 Host of the Year" (one of six) by Concertsinyourhome.com, a national network that links house concert hosts with artists.
  • Hosted nine concerts at Bikenetic, which was nominated (but didn't win!) this year for "Best Music Venue" by the Falls Church News-Press
  • Booked, organized and facilitated an additional 10 house concerts in the DC area (at six different venues) 
  • Inspired a house concert series in Basel, Switzerland, beginning with one concert in Oct 2013, and two more already scheduled for 2014.
  • Developed a music video about our house concert series (courtesy of Erin Little)
  • Provided performance opportunities for 20 local singer-songwriters
  • Hosted a private showcase for 20 musicians at Folk Alliance International in Toronto
  • Combined personal contributions by concert attendees to independent artists estimated at $25,000 -- not including merchandise sales