Feb. 1: The Sea The Sea w/ Heather Mae

Doors at 7:30 pm/ Music at 8 pm

“To say I was taken with Chuck E. Costa and Mira Stanley who perform as The Sea The Sea would be an understatement. On top of well-crafted songs, commanding stage presence and instrumental abilities, their voices in close harmony evoked for me a sound landing somewhere between Bowling Green and Bakersfield.”
— No Depression

Borrowing their name from the cry of joy made by ancient Greek Soldiers upon their post-war homecoming, The Sea, The Sea is Mira Stanley from West Virginia and Chuck E. Costa from Connecticut. They meet in the middle with acoustic guitars. Standing next to other contemporary duos like The Weepies, The Civil Wars, The Swell Season, The Sea, The Sea is spare beauty, bravely unadorned. Two voices that blend like smoke and air. Like night and a whisper. Two distinct award-winning songwriters that meet in the mercury, collide and create emotionally spare music. Simple and true.

In their short time together as a duo, they've already managed to get noticed in important places. We saw them in 2012, when they were one of the Kerrville New Folk winners (in the same cohort as other past performers at the Stone Room, Korby Lenker and Nicolette Good), but also at Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in 2013. And last year NPR put one of their songs, "Watertreader," on their list of "10 Songs Public Radio Can't Stop Playing." Larry Groce of NPR's Mountain had this to say about them: "The two aren't well-known at present, but they're about to release their first album, produced by Todd Sickafoose (of Ani DiFranco fame). Their harmonies remind me of The Milk Carton Kids and The Weepies, with feather-light production which includes the obscure glass harmonica."

Opening for this concert will be Northern Virginia's own Heather Mae.  Prior to her last album, she wrote a song every day for a year, having trekked through over 30 states, making footprints of over 7,000 lyrics and 100+ artist collaborations. Her music is supported by an ever-changing cast of complementary musicians known as “The Make Believe,” some of whom she met during this project. Taking step one on October 1, 2010, Heather Mae is reaching another landmark 2 years later, releasing her LP “One Year of Songs.”

The Pop-Folk LP is her first full length project, a follow-up to her debut EP “Gonna Be Alright.” The growth is undeniable, as the album swirls with inspiration from her yearlong project, showcasing 10 songs from her 365-piece collection.

At the heart of each arrangement are stirring ukulele melodies, which are either supplemented by equally as optimistic lyrics or balanced by contemplative ones. Be assured that both sides of this story-telling coin are inspired and cathartic.