May 31: Matt the Electrician w/ Letitia Van Sant

Doors at 7:30 pm, Music at 8:00 pm

"Matt the Electrician weaves humor, intelligence and great musicianship into his music while covering the full spectrum of human experience. His songs and his chops instantly make you wonder how you haven't already heard of him." --Willie Porter 
“…Made for Working is a near-perfect record…”--John Shelton Ivany, New York Times
When we hosted Rebecca Loebe for the first time two years ago, I heard the name "Matt the Electrician," as he was producing her last album.  Since then, I've been listening to him, and hoping to snag one of his yearly appearances in the DC area.

So now we have him.  Described by NPR  as "gritty blue-collar neo-folk" or elsewhere as "raw and quirky roots-based acoustic pop," Matt has been in the business for some twenty years and produced some eight albums.  He'll also be one of the funnier, wittier guys we'll host this year.   Give his music a listen here.

If you want a second opinion, just read these accolades from a review of Matt's performance at a California festival (High Sierra) a couple of years ago:
Often at High Sierra it’s a lone person armed only with a voice that resonates with the full spectrum of the human condition, a backpack full of killer songs, and a single acoustic guitar that walks away with one’s heart. ... Matt flowed from story to song to stories within songs to spontaneous moments with the crowd with the supreme showmanship and undeniable raw talent of Todd Snider and Robyn Hitchcock. Matt is a modern equivalent to prime Loudon Wainwright III and John Gorka with the tale-spinning gifts of Spalding Gray rolled into a soft spoken, tattoo adorned package.
Don't be sorry you'll miss this one! 

Opening for Matt we'll have folkstress Letitia VanSant, whose distinctly intimate vocals and poignant songwriting landed her debut album among the top local releases of 2012. As the Baltimore City Paper wrote of that album, she's “…part Iris DeMent with a little Dolly Parton (and maybe even some Rose Maddox) thrown in...She’s a clever woman with a lot to say." 

After joining forces with the recently-christened Bonafides (guitarist David McKindley-Ward, drummer Will McKindley-Ward, and bassist Tom Liddle) VanSant’s repertoire has grown into a bold sound charged with the authenticity and sense of purpose we pine for in Americana. Judging by their full-throated harmonies, casual habit of trading around instruments, and general penchant to have a good time, it comes as no surprise that the band evolved from many glad evenings picking away until the wee hours.

Her real name is Letitia VanSant Robson. She’s always gone by the nickname “Sandy” so most people from her personal life know her as Sandy Robson. “Letitia” is an old southern family name from her mother’s side in Virginia, and “VanSant” comes from her grandmother on her father’s side, a Baltimore native.  By day, Letitia works at a faith-based lobby group for peace and social justice in Washington, DC.