Nov. 22: Jesse Terry / Suzie Brown & Scot Sax

Music at 8 pm; Doors at 7:30 pm

Jesse Terry is an internationally award-winning singer-songwriter whose transcendent life and music make him one of the most prolific indie artists today; his intimacy with audiences, sincerity, and approachability solidifying him as a favorite at nationwide live venues and concert series. 

With three full-length albums -- The Runner, Empty Seat On APlane, and Stay Here With Me -- this salt of the earth musician’s lyrical mastery, emotional depth, and soothing voice have often been compared to the likes of Ryan Adams, Jackson Browne, Ray LaMontagne, and James Taylor, reaching deep into listeners’ hearts to envelope them in shared joy, sadness, love, and unrelenting hope. The Grand Prize winner of The John Lennon Songwriting Contest, The NSAI/CMT Song Contest, and The We Are Listening Singer/Songwriter Awards, he has garnered worldwide acclaim including the elite honor of performing for US and NATO troops stationed at Thule Air Base in Greenland, and an official endorsement by Stonebridge Guitars International.

"His ability to craft memorable songs is complimented by his supreme ability to deliver them in a sometimes funny, sometimes gut wrenching, but always sincere and authentic manner,”  praises Dave Dircks, host of the #1 Acoustic Podcast on iTunes, Acoustic Long Island. “At the core of it all, his personality – sunny naivety meets gritty wisdom – is what sets Jesse Terry apart…”

Suzie Brown writes songs to process her life. For a singer-songwriter, it’s not that unique of a creative impulse. But when you’re also a cardiologist, used to being stoic and selfless on the job, the catharsis is even more essential. 

“Music is my place to be honest,” says Brown. “I can say this makes me sad and I feel awful about this. I like not having to be so strong.”

With her gift for unforgettable melodies and evocative lyrics, it’s hard to imagine it’s been only five years since she penned her first song. In that time, she’s been named a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, among other accolades, had her music featured at Starbucks, The Gap and Anthropologie, and opened for artists like Livingston Taylor and Lyle Lovett. 

If she has no plans to give up her part-time clinical job, it’s because she has a true affinity for medicine. But, music, she says, is who she is.  “I can’t believe that my life was ever any way than it is right now,” says Brown.

"Suzie Brown's latest album, "Almost There," gets its power from the tension between its catchy country-pop melodies and its unsatisfied alt-folk lyrics. Bridging the two halves are Brown's charming soprano and Oliver Wood's smart production." -- Geoffrey Himes, music critic for the Washington Post