Sept. 14: Woody Russell Trio w/ Curtis McMurtry

Music at 7:30 pm: Doors at 7:00 pm
922 West Broad St., Falls Church 
(ALSO: Saturday, Sept. 13 
at Casa Phoenix in DC)

Woody Russell is a critically acclaimed, award winning guitarist, singer and songwriter from Austin, Texas, who will be traveling to our area together with harmonica ace Jose Ruiz and talented keyboardist Bryce Powell.  With over twenty-five years as a professional musician to his credit, Russell is known for his deliverance of seasoned performances. Respected music industry veteran and President of BE Music and Entertainment, Michael Blanton, calls him "one of the best kept secrets in the world of live performance today." Blues Revue offers that, as a guitarist, Russell possesses the “fearlessness of Jeff Beck”. 

Ten years ago, Woody Russell was one of the Top 5 New Talent Finalists of 2004 at the prestigious Newport Folk Festival; the only finalist to receive a coveted invitation to perform at Newport in 2005 alongside a lineup that included Elvis Costello, Richard Thompson and Emmylou Harris. The Newport Daily News regarded Russell as an "audience favorite."

Russell’s brand new release, Delicious Days (Sept. 2013) features 11 new songs infused with sophisticated arrangements and thoughtful production. Russell has always been a genre-blurring artist and Delicious Days is no exception. A defined trajectory toward pop is the prevailing tone on this album; perhaps more so than on any of his other releases. But again, he seamlessly integrates his brand of jazz and blues, rock and soul in to the mix. The end result is a lush, complex recording – a pop album with a jazz heart - created by a master craftsman and his superb band. Yet, it’s an album which, amid the musical intricacies, is brimming with very accessible songs.

Please note that Woody offers free CDs to all veteran and active-duty military who attend his concerts!

Though Curtis McMurtry is only 23 years of age, many of the characters in his songs seem to have given up on life decades ago. His debut solo album Respectable Enemy  chronicles the narrations of unapologetically bitter individuals still haunted by the ghosts of lovers and friends they have long since driven away. Few other songwriters inhabit such lonely, spiteful people with such conviction. From the doomed narrator of "Foxhole" to the resigned nostalgia of "Eleanor's House" Curtis writes to break your heart into sharp, jagged pieces.

Curtis was born and raised in Austin, Texas and grew up listening to local songwriters like Matt The Electrician, Jon Dee Graham, and his father, James McMurtry. From 2009-2013 Curtis studied music composition at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, primarily writing contemporary chamber music for banjo and strings. In 2013, Curtis moved to Nashville to sharpen his songwriting skills by co-writing with veteran writers including Fred Koller and Guy Clark.