Feb. 7: The Currys

The Currys have developed their brand of homegrown, harmony-rich Americana through summers of writing and performing on the Florida Gulf Coast. Brothers Jimmy and Tommy Curry and cousin Galen Curry began with acoustic performances in local restaurants and oyster bars, but over time their sound has evolved into the fully orchestrated folk-rock evident on their debut album, Follow. The Currys’ first full-length effort captures the spirit of contemporary folk music, reviving its rich musical thread with a pop-rock sensibility and tightly knit family harmonies.

Though Follow marks The Currys' official debut, they have performed regionally for some time. After appearing on a public broadcast of From the Heart Music Hour, the trio was heard by Grammy Award-winning country artist Billy Dean, who subsequently invited them to perform during his headlining set at the 60th Florida Folk Fest. The group gained a regional following, and in August of 2012 they were asked to headline a tour across Ireland, which was captured in a Florida regional PBS documentary. A camera crew followed closely as the Curry caravan swerved across the Emerald Isle on the wrong side of the road (in a big, red bandwagon affectionately nicknamed ‘Clifford’), playing 14 shows in 20 days. 

The success of the Ireland tour encouraged the group to take the next step, and in early 2013, the Currys relocated to Charlottesville, Virginia, and recruited bassist Matt Kauper and drummer Johnny Humphreys. The band settled into a townhouse together and began arranging and rewriting the songs for Follow as a five-piece. Meanwhile, they extended their reach, performing along the East Coast from Virginia to New York and recording a series of live acoustic performance videos dubbed the Avon Street Sessions.

In the summer of 2013, The Currys launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to finance the recording process, and in October the band trekked out to Louisa, Virginia, to track the album with producers Chris Keup and Stewart Myers (Lifehouse, Jason Mraz, Parachute) at White Star Sound. They spent nearly a month in the studio, recording a collection of songs that range in sound from the acoustic feel of the original trio to the folk-pop of the current outfit. The resulting recordings are a testament to the countless hours spent in musical symbiosis, shaping the words and melodies of three distinct singer/songwriters into one cohesive voice.