2017 Shows

Oct. 21: Jean Rohe
“There are plenty of talented artists out there, but what sets Jean Rohe apart are the suppleness of her voice, the integrity of her vision, and the grace she shows in her wide-ranging journeys across the musical landscape.” 
–John Platt, WFUV New York
8 pm
@ The Falls Church Episcopal
115 E. Fairfax St.
Tickets here (or at the door)

Oct. 29: Jackie Venson
“Austin’s got no shortage of indie blues musicians whose music sounds great from a coffeehouse stage, but it only has a few who can put together the total package of eclectic, soulful jams and a stridently powerful voice the way that Jackie Venson can.” - Texas Monthly
7:30 pm, Bikenetic
201 West Jefferson St., Falls Church
Tickets Here (also available at the door)

Nov. 4: 
Alex Wong / Megan Slankard
"Wong creates melodies from sonic suggestion, imbuing every song with its own spectral designs...  once those aural inducements sink in, the charms will become readily apparent." - No Depression
"San Francisco's Megan Slankard has more going for her than seems reasonably fair. She's whip smart, funny, a really solid guitar player and then she starts singing and blows the (unfinished) roof off the joint." - Yellow Couch Sessions
8 pm
House Concert (Falls Church)

November 11: 
“One of the foremost tango ensembles in the country.” 
– Dazzle Jazz, Denver
8 pm
@ The Falls Church Episcopal
115 E. Fairfax St.
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