What inspired you to start doing this?
Before starting this series, the only two house concerts I'd ever attended were with Beth Wood and Bethany & Rufus.  I still vividly remember those musical experiences, and they inspired me to try to recreate similar moments for others. In 2004, I arranged a tour for a college a cappella singing group of which I was once a member (back in 1979-80), and brought them to El Salvador and Guatemala.  It was a great experience for the singers, but, more importantly, I received great feedback and karmic pleasure from introducing their musicmaking to a wider audience.  

Can I reserve in advance?
Yes!  I'll take reservations for any concert that's listed on the website.  If we reach capacity for any given concert (45-50), I'll send out an email to confirm that you're still interested and able to attend the concert.  We also encourage guests to let me know -- even at the last minute -- if they cannot attend, because frequently we have a wait list.

Can I bring my kids to the concert?
Absolutely, yes!  Unless otherwise noted, we'd hope that all concerts are suitable for young children or teenagers.  At our first concert, a 7-year-old sat through two full sets, and then signed up for another couple of concerts on our schedule.  It's really up to you to figure out if you think your kids will enjoy the experience or not, and if they'll be able to stay quiet! (If it turns out differently, you can always hang out upstairs for part of the performance.)

I have a friend who I think would enjoy your concerts.  Can I let him know about this?
A friend of yours is a friend of mine.  So, yes, please spread the word among other music lovers, or even among people who don't yet know the pleasures of live music in this kind of setting.

The last concert was packed.  You must be making a lot of money off of this!
Uh, no.  This is purely a labor of love.  But I feel that the minimal financial investment I put into this is more than compensated by the emotional/spiritual/musical benefits.  Remember that 100% of the suggested contributions go to the performers.

What do your neighbors think about all this? 
I think many neighbors are happy to have easy access to this kind of entertainment.  There's no noise factor, and hopefully our guests will not park in the wrong places or otherwise disturb the peace. 

How can you stand to have so many people in your house?  Don't they always leave a big mess?
We expect people treat our home as they normally would as a guest, which is to say, with respect!

I have a musician friend; can s/he perform at your venue?
I book far in advance, and am quite picky about who I invite.  Send me a link to their website, and I'll try to catch a performance by them elsewhere before deciding.

I'm allergic to cats and dogs. Can I come to your house?
Yes! My wife, Erica, also has allergies to these animals (sadly), so you're safe here.

Do you serve food and drinks?
I only put out some food and beverages -- the rest is up to our guests.  So far we've never run out!